Joe Rogan expresses regret over joining GETTR, Chinese Backing…

After his much-publicized move to Gettr, it appears commentator Joe Rogan is already having second thoughts. A week after joining the platform, he derided it, having learned of Chinese backing with investment from a foundation tied to businessman Guo Wengui.

During an appearance on The Tim Dillon Show, Rogan also cited inflated follower counts as an indicator of non-standard business practices at play.

“Yeah, it’s not real, though,” Rogan said, referring to his 9 million followers. “Because Gettr doesn’t even have 9 million people, it’s a lot of f**kery.”

“Definitely fugazi,” Rogan added, agreeing with Dillon’s take. “Fugazi” is slang for something fake.

Blaze TV Host Elijah Schaffer weighed in on the topic: “It’s interesting that Joe Rogan is also suspicious of Gettr, after learning about the Chinese funding, follower inflation, blocking of political dissidents they disagree w/, leftist dog whistles in TOS, Democrat background of staff, AWS servers.”

Rogan also alluded to feeling trapped into having a presence on the platform, unable to figure out how he could leave. “I don’t know how to get off,” he said. “Like if I get off of Gettr? I don’t think I can.”

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