VIDEO – It’s All A SMOKESCREEN, and how to beat the system, create a REAL GREAT RESET

A truly informative, realistic and inspiring video – Must watch to the end!
‘This is a huge cleansing process’
‘More and more people are discovering that the system we just doesn’t work for us’

‘You don’t change the system by fighting it, you create something new that makes the existing system obsolete’

‘Let us use the tools of enslavement as tools of liberation’

‘This is paving the way for people to find the “Abundo Movement’ The message that one small town can change the world’

“It starts in small towns, and it literally starts with the mayor and the people of the town taking control of their own town’

‘We can turn our towns into unimaginable places of prosperity and abundance

You can get all this information on the website:

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