YouTube Major Hub for Fake News – factcheckers…

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The video streaming platform has been accused of failing to sufficiently tackle the spread of falsehoods, according to a global fact-checking coalition.
WaPo and the UK’s Full Fact are among 80+ groups claiming YT has failed to curb ‘Covid misinformation’ and the “fraud narrative” during the US 2020 election.

The letter states YouTube is a “major conduit” of fake news and has been “weaponized” to manipulate others – especially in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The Google-owned site has been urged to fund research into so-called disinformation campaigns, to provide links inside video dubbed fake, to tweak its algorithms to stop repeat offenders, and tackle non-English language content.

YouTube’s claimed heavy investment has been made in removing dangerous content. Last year it purged RT’s German language channel, ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ video content, and clamped down on scientists disagreeing with govt health advisers.

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