Russian military just dropped a new finalized report on the entire US Biological weapons scheme

💥 Russian military just dropped a new finalized report on the entire US Biological weapons scheme…

They claim the 4 masterminds atop the biological weapons network are Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden, and George Soros. As well as 12 other NATO countries knew of and assisted the US in this operation to develop biological weapons.

They also include the US pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, Moderna, and others.

It’s difficult to find legitimate western sources to share this information, as none of them are addressing this at all.

Complete radio silence on Russia accusing the sitting president and past 3 Democrat president families of being responsible for C19 and the US biological weapons network in Ukraine. And the Chinese military are in agreement with Russia and their findings. Complete blackout on Western Media.


US Coordination of Biological Laboratories and Research in Ukraine

Ideologues: The following entities were facilitating the operation:

-Democratic National Party

-Barack Obama: Launched Biological       Threat Reduction Program in 2005

-Hilary Clinton: Spearheaded the adoption of US strategy to counter biological threats and promoted legalization of Dual Use Research

-Joe Biden: Coordinated the activity of the Executors of the military biological program, involved in financial fraud in Ukraine

-George Soros: Major sponsor of military biological research in Ukraine and lobbyist for Big Pharma

Organized by the Executive Branch and Academic Centers: Aforementioned “ideologues” abused their positions to “set tasks” for Executive controlled agencies. Weaponizing these agencies to carry out the bidding of the ideologues. They are as follows:

-US Dept of State

-US Dept of Defence

-US Dept of Agriculture

-US Central Intelligence Agency

-US Threat Reduction Agency

-US Center for Disease and Control

-US International Development Agency

-US Army W. Reed Research Institute

-US Army Fort Detrick, Medical Institute of Infectious Diseases

Sponsors: Aforementioned US Agencies funnelled their money through a series of Non-Government Foundations and Organizations, known as “Sponsors”. They were tasked with “Allocation of Funds” before directing them to the biological laboratories themselves. Otherwise known as “money laundering”. The Sponsors assisting in the money laundering scheme, are as follows:

-The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

-The Clinton Foundation

-Rosemont Seneca (Hunter Biden)

-Open Society

-Soros Fund Management

-Civil Research Development Fund

-The Rockefeller Foundation

-Ecohealth Alliance

-Pilot Growth

Executors in Ukraine: Aforementioned Sponsors “washed” the money being sent from US Executive Agencies, and sent them to the “Executors”. The actual biological facilities themselves. The labs were given “Funding for Dual Research”. They were tasked with:

-Creating elements of selective biological weapons

-Use of Ukraine as a bio-polygon

-Clinical Trials of New Medicine

The Executors involved are as follows:

-US Embassy in Ukraine

-Ukrainian Scientific and Technological Center

-Ukraine Ministry of Defence

-Ukraine Ministry of Health

-Black and Veatch

-Metabiota (Hunter Biden)

-CH2M Hill Jacob’s Engineering

-Skymount Medical

Pharmaceutical Corporations (Big Pharma): Aforementioned Executors would then traffic biological material and research to pharmaceutical companies. Sometimes directly, sometimes via US Armed Forces. The pharmaceutical companies would then create the “cures” for the masses, because they have the research to know how to do it, resulting in billions in profit. The pharmaceutical companies who received trafficked bioweapons research and material are the following.




-Dynport Vaccine



-Eli Lilly and Co.

-Merck and Co.


Of the tens of $billions in profit from all of the endless injections, some is then kicked back to the Ideologues responsible for formulating the plot. They use the funds to finance their campaigns and maintain their control.

Actual receipts and photo evidence of a biological facility in Ukraine. Hiding biological material.

Russia claim this is the proof of biological weapons and they have a lot more.

Here is the first page outlining the US plan to utilize drones to facilitate the unleashing of pathogens in aerosol canisters.

This is why control of information is so important to them. Think control of Twitter. Think of the new Disinformation Governance Board.

They cannot have this information circulating. 2 nuclear superpowers just accused the Clintons, Bidens, Obamas, and George Soros of facilitating a scheme to utilize US DoD funds to create biological weapons in Ukraine, funneled through Hunter Biden and Rosemont Seneca through Metabiota, to create the pathogens, and then reap the money from vaccines to fund their political campaigns via Pfizer and Moderna, to further their stranglehold on information and ultimately all human life.

Actual receipts and photo evidence of a biological facility in Ukraine. Hiding biological material.

Russia claim this is the proof of biological weapons and they have a lot more.


Now, think about the absolute magnitude of this. Russia and China are directly accusing the last 3 US democratic presidents, and George Soros, of conducting a multiple decades long plan to create a biological weapons network internationally, to create pathogens so they could unleash them on the public to gain world control, using their control of the media and use the BILLIONS from forced vaccination to supply their campaigns and maintain control of information, so their citizenry don’t find out about what is actually going on.

We are in the middle of WW3, and all of Wester media is complete blackout. Not a single shred of reporting on it. Anywhere. In a real world, the allegations themselves would be taken seriously and the world populace should know about it. Even if they aren’t true, we would still need to know that 2 world nuclear superpowers are accusing the US of creating bioweapons and might want to retaliate for slaughtering their citizens for political gain.

I said it back in February, this isn’t the beginning of WW3, we are in the middle of it. C19 was first weapon fired. And it claimed (allegedly) 6.26 million lives. And Russian and Chinese have evidence suggesting the “US Democratic Party” are responsible for creating and releasing this weapon.

Feels like “the precipice” to me.


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