BLM Activist Bought $40K Dog With Donor Money…

RT News –
Shaun King spent over $40,000 taken from Black Lives Matter donor money on a dog for security, initially claiming the fee paid from his PAC Grassroots Law was for “contractor services.” Continue reading “BLM Activist Bought $40K Dog With Donor Money…”

WHO – “Tedros Is Basically a Communist Thug” And Like Bill Gates, He Has No Medical Training..

Dr. Peter Breggin: “He covered up originally for the Wuhan Institute, saying this was not released from the Wuhan Institute, agreeing with China that it wasn’t very dangerous, and [allowed China to send] out fleets of airplanes, as a part of normal passenger traffic, from Wuhan and Beijing and other places nonstop to the US.

And several hundred thousand passengers were sent out right at the time that COVID-19 was really bursting over China.

It was intentionally done.”

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The WHO pandemic pact would leave the world at China’s CCP mercy..!

Lessons have still not been learned, so why should we trust the WHO in a future pandemic?
The European Union, true to form, pushed for a legally binding pandemic “treaty”, but that won’t happen for two reasons: the American Senate would need a two-thirds majority to ratify it; and the Chinese government would not allow even its pet international agency to tell it what to do. Continue reading “The WHO pandemic pact would leave the world at China’s CCP mercy..!”

Russian military just dropped a new finalized report on the entire US Biological weapons scheme – Part 2

English translated version of the full brief from Russian Military, shout out to Yeeun Min.

Now this is a translation of the dialogue from Igor Kirillov, and I don’t speak Russian myself so I can’t confirm it, but you can find it attached at to this post.

PART 1 :

You need to read the ENTIRE thing, it’s not that long, but the big points are:

-Biological Threat Reduction Program were creating and trafficking biological weapons Continue reading “Russian military just dropped a new finalized report on the entire US Biological weapons scheme – Part 2”

VIDEO – Tucker Takes the Election Fraud Red Pill: Zuckerberg Ran The Elections – It’s starting to unravel!

Tucker Carlson spent more than an hour interviewing Special Counsel Mike Gableman about his investigation ( into the Wisconsin 2020 election.

“You probably thought the government ran elections,” Tucker said after swallowing his giant election fraud red pill. “You didn’t imagine that Mark Zuckerberg (, a billionaire, would run our elections.

That doesn’t sound like democracy, that sounds like oligarchy. But that’s exactly what happened.”

“There was an ENORMOUS amount of FRAUD. We haven’t spent a lot of time on the 2020 election, but the more you dig into it… you will be shocked,” Tucker concluded.

NOTHING TO SEE HERE! Biden Crushes American Energy While Hunter Gets Rich From Chinese Fossil Fuels..

Hunter Biden has continued to profit from Chinese-government owned oil, gas, and coal companies through his 10% equity stake in Bohai Harvest RST, while his father, Joe Biden, has canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline, banned new drilling for oil and gas on federal lands, and declared war on Americans at the gas pump because of climate change. Continue reading “NOTHING TO SEE HERE! Biden Crushes American Energy While Hunter Gets Rich From Chinese Fossil Fuels..”

NSA Breached Own Policy Procedures for Americans’ Privacy..

The National Security Agency failed to follow internal policies while accessing sensitive data on American citizens, a report to Congress has unveiled. (The Hill)
The Office of the Inspector General slammed the NSA for its use of one section of the Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Act.
The agency failed to follow “procedural and policy requirements” which “revealed a number of concerns” about how the NSA targeted US citizens.
Quick Snowden movie anyone?

Ukraine’s National Bank Deputy Gov. Using Position to Launder Money

According to Russian Media – Propaganda?
First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ukraine Kateryna Rozhkova is being investigated under suspicions of money laundering and tax evasion. (New Europe)
Rozhkova has been accused of moving money out of the Central Bank through a number of unaffiliated individuals tied to Global Partners in the US for a total amount of $314 million.
It comes as many Western nations have pledged to plough potentially billions of dollars of aid into Ukraine.

Alec Baldwin Launches New Podcast Despite Mounting Lawsuits..

With legal battles widening over the Rust film set shooting, Baldwin is branching out into the podcast world. (Sky News)
During the trailer for the true-crime series, the actor says he’s looking into the “deception and greed and forgery in the art world.”
Due to the fatal shooting of a producer in New Mexico, a new state bill is being introduced which will require film productions to have gun training or lose tax benefits.
Art as a form of distraction

VIDEO – Mass Restaurant Brawl Kicks Off Over Steak Shortage

A massive melee involving dozens of people in Pennsylvania’s Bensalem at a Golden Corral restaurant has been posted on social media this week.
US law enforcement said more than 40 people were involved in in the brawl, which started after a customer got angry that the buffet ran out of steak, accusing another group of cutting the queue, according to an employee at the branch. (CBS) Continue reading “VIDEO – Mass Restaurant Brawl Kicks Off Over Steak Shortage”

German fuel supply firms crippled by cyberattack…

RT News:
A major petrol distribution firm and oil supplier that feed a total of 26 companies in Germany with fuel have been paralyzed by a major cyberattack that sparked fears of a fuel shortage crisis.
Oiltanking GmbH – who supply Shell’s 1,955 gas stations in Germany, among others – insisted their terminals are all operating as normal, but their 13 tank farms cannot currently load tankers as the system is entirely computerized.

NYT Sues US Govt for Hunter Biden Business Dealings

RT News: The New York Times is suing the State Department to obtain emails from Romanian embassy officials sent between 2015-2019 detailing Hunter’s business dealings there. (NY Post citing FOIA docs)

The Biden Admin has reportedly told the NYT the soonest it could turn over the information is April 2023 – well after the midterms.

The lawsuit follows a 2019 report the FBI subpoenaed JP Morgan for Hunter’s Chinese business dealings.

‘Secret’ CIA program Prepares Ukrainians to “Kill Russians” – created by Barack Obama..

Five former intelligence officers and US national security officials have claimed the CIA is running an intensive training program for elite Ukrainian personnel and special operation forces. (Yahoo) Continue reading “‘Secret’ CIA program Prepares Ukrainians to “Kill Russians” – created by Barack Obama..”