Alec Baldwin Launches New Podcast Despite Mounting Lawsuits..

With legal battles widening over the Rust film set shooting, Baldwin is branching out into the podcast world. (Sky News)
During the trailer for the true-crime series, the actor says he’s looking into the “deception and greed and forgery in the art world.”
Due to the fatal shooting of a producer in New Mexico, a new state bill is being introduced which will require film productions to have gun training or lose tax benefits.
Art as a form of distraction

Scotland: Schoolgirls ‘BOYCOTT gender-neutral toilets’ due to misbehavior and vandalism by boys

The introduction of gender-neutral toilets in Scottish schools hasn’t panned out as activists hoped. Councilor Harry Scott told a council meeting on Thursday that in one school, “there have been instances of boys waving sanitary products like flags and urinating in sanitary bins”.

Gender-neutral bathrooms are becoming increasingly common in the country’s educational institutes. Schools in Angus, Dundee, East Renfrewshire and Edinburgh have all introduced such facilities, and all new school buildings – primary and secondary – in Edinburgh will soon have unisex toilets and communal hand-washing facilities by default.

This move is supported by SNP politicians and by the Scottish Equality and Human Rights Commission, which warned schools in 2019 that they leave themselves open to lawsuits by not providing such facilities.

John Cleese Blacklists Himself….

Legendary actor John Cleese has long spoken about his disdain for cancel culture. Now, he’s walking the talk and canceling himself, proving a solid point about selective silencing.

Recently, a Cambridge University debating society banned future appearances by art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon after he impersonated Adolf Hitler to make a point about whether or not “good taste” exists. The Cambridge Union President Keir Bradwell addressed the issue online, saying Graham-Dixon offended members.

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