Beijing to New York: Chinese firm promises to fly passengers in one hour..

Beijing Lingkong Tianxing Technology is developing “a winged rocket” for high-speed “point-to-point transportation.”
According to a presentation, the plane will take off vertically, detach itself from a glider wing with rocket boosters then land vertically on three deployable legs.
The company said booster tests are in the works for 2023 and a prototype of a crewed aircraft should be ready around 2030.
Would you trust Chinese quality?

VR to ER? Virtual Reality Users Experiencing Horrific Injuries..

The growing popularity of VR headsets has seen a sharp increase of injuries among pioneers. (WSJ)
One hospital in Germany noted a case last year where a patient checked in complaining of a sore neck after playing VR games, it turned out he had broken it.
And things are likely to get worse, with the pending release of Metaverse it seems that vases, TVs and family may soon end up in the firing line.
What was wrong with Tetris?

‘META-RAPE’: Woman alleges virtual sexual assault in Horizon Worlds..

A UK woman has alleged four male characters “virtually gang raped” her avatar within 60 seconds of joining Zuckerberg’s ‘Meta’s Horizon Worlds’ , who she claims told her, “Don’t pretend you don’t love it.”
Nina Jane Patel – VP of Metaverse Research for Kabuni Ventures – was inundated with comments to her blog post revelations calling it a “desperate cry for attention.”
Cyber legal expert Joseph Jones added it was unlikely she had a strong case for harassment given the difficulty in tracking down the real-life people.



How to blur your house on Google Street View, and why you should!

Staying cool in Brooklyn.
Credit: Screenshot / Street View
A little privacy goes a long way.
Google Street View offers up a window to the world in all its bizarre, intimate, and often raw glory. That window just so happens to peek into your home, as well. What that peek reveals may be more than you’ve bargained for — think views into bedroom windows, potential fodder for stalkers, and more.

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Swiss SUICIDE POD passes legal barrier – could start operations next year

A new 3D-printed mobile suicide capsule which performs euphanasia without the use of drugs has passed a legal review in Switzerland, and is set to begin operations in 2022.

The Sarco machine completes assisted suicide in 30 seconds by flooding the interior with nitrogen to reduce oxygen levels to just 1% and leaving users slightly euphoric before death with no panic or choking sensation.

Those intending to die press a button inside the capsule in their own time, and can undergo the process in any setting they choose.

A new ultra-compact camera is the size of a grain of salt

This new ultra-compact camera is the size of a grain of salt and takes stunning photos using a technology known as a metasurface, which is covered with 1.6 million cylindrical posts.

The camera is able to capture full-color photos that are as good as images snapped by conventional lenses some half a million times bigger than this particular camera.