Video – Australia – More Police Violence On Display Outside Parliament…

Canberra: “You Serve Us” Rings Out as Hundreds of Protesters CLASH with Police Outside Parliament
Police deployed capsicum-spray and arrested three people trying to clear protesters outside the National Library in Canberra. Continue reading “Video – Australia – More Police Violence On Display Outside Parliament…”

‘META-RAPE’: Woman alleges virtual sexual assault in Horizon Worlds..

A UK woman has alleged four male characters “virtually gang raped” her avatar within 60 seconds of joining Zuckerberg’s ‘Meta’s Horizon Worlds’ , who she claims told her, “Don’t pretend you don’t love it.”
Nina Jane Patel – VP of Metaverse Research for Kabuni Ventures – was inundated with comments to her blog post revelations calling it a “desperate cry for attention.”
Cyber legal expert Joseph Jones added it was unlikely she had a strong case for harassment given the difficulty in tracking down the real-life people. is now more arrogant than YouTube And Meta… Careers, Funding, and Management Team | AngelList

Has the success of Rumble turned ‘TEAM RUMBLE’ – the management of the company to become arrogant unforgiving?


By deleting a subscribers account because JUST ONE of their channels showed a video that may have of breached the DCMA copyright act.


  • Rumble gives no opportunity for the account holder to delete the video in question that may of breached the copyright act.
  • Rumble will not respond to any replies that show cause before account deletion, although ‘Team Rumble’ invites the account holder to do so….