BLM Activist Bought $40K Dog With Donor Money…

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Shaun King spent over $40,000 taken from Black Lives Matter donor money on a dog for security, initially claiming the fee paid from his PAC Grassroots Law was for “contractor services.” Continue reading “BLM Activist Bought $40K Dog With Donor Money…”

SICK Target is now selling chest binders and packed underwear for children. This is on an entire different level of wokeness and grooming!

They. Are. Coming. For. The. Children.

The TomboyX collab features undergarments like compression tops — as well as packing underwear, bras, and boyshorts in size S-4X. Continue reading “SICK Target is now selling chest binders and packed underwear for children. This is on an entire different level of wokeness and grooming!”

Dutch Gynecologist Used Own Sperm to Father Potentially Dozens of Children..

Jos Beek has conceived at least 21 children and potentially dozens more using his sperm – after prospective mothers turned to him for fertility treatment. (The Guardian)
Beek worked between 1973 and 1998 at Elisabeth Hospital in Leiderdorp, and died in 2019.
Hospital directors issued a statement as an investigation is ongoing saying, “We are very shocked by this. This has a significant impact on the parents and children involved.”

“Alien” Hammerhead Worms Begin to Conquer Europe & Parts of Africa.

RT News – Researches have spotted two species of the worms with their distinctive hammerhead in parts of Europe and Africa. (ZME Science)
They warn the invasive species could wreak havoc on soil biodiversity.
“All land flatworms are predators… and, as such, can threaten the biodiversity and ecological balance of species in a soil,” a researcher said.

Alec Baldwin Launches New Podcast Despite Mounting Lawsuits..

With legal battles widening over the Rust film set shooting, Baldwin is branching out into the podcast world. (Sky News)
During the trailer for the true-crime series, the actor says he’s looking into the “deception and greed and forgery in the art world.”
Due to the fatal shooting of a producer in New Mexico, a new state bill is being introduced which will require film productions to have gun training or lose tax benefits.
Art as a form of distraction

VIDEO – Mass Restaurant Brawl Kicks Off Over Steak Shortage

A massive melee involving dozens of people in Pennsylvania’s Bensalem at a Golden Corral restaurant has been posted on social media this week.
US law enforcement said more than 40 people were involved in in the brawl, which started after a customer got angry that the buffet ran out of steak, accusing another group of cutting the queue, according to an employee at the branch. (CBS) Continue reading “VIDEO – Mass Restaurant Brawl Kicks Off Over Steak Shortage”

Pfizer-funded vaccine talks spread fake news about competitors …

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Claims that rival vaccines could cause cancer and not be used for immunocompromised patients have been debunked by four doctors – including one who works on Pfizer’s advisory board. (National Post)

The allegations were made during talks delivered to the Canadian govt by the Pharma giant.

A list of disadvantages was apparently drawn from a scientific paper which the company knew about, says its author, but the company denies any editorial influence on the presentation or attempts to undermine competitors.

Pfizer hired a “reputable medical communication agency” to put the presentation together.

At arm’s length, or client-industry confidentiality?

Psychiatry’s Prescription for Violence – [VIDEO]

Documenting the impact of a multibillion dollar psychiatric-pharmaceutical industry, this powerful and graphic video contains interviews with experts, parents and victims.

Dramatic recordings of actual 911 calls made by desperate family members—and even by a killer himself—convey the chilling reality behind today’s headlines.

Here is the shocking truth underlying the current wave of violence devastating our homes, schools and communities.


USA – Shocking Investigation into US Lawmakers Reveals Hypocrisy & Personal Finance Shame..

Shocking Investigation into US Lawmakers Reveals Hypocrisy & Personal Finance Shame

A five-month long Insider investigation has reviewed thousands of financial-disclosure reports for every sitting lawmaker in Congress.

Here are some of the key findings from ‘Conflicted Congress’ broken down:

▪️48 Congress members & 182 congressional staffers violated federal conflicts-of-interest law

▪️75 federal lawmakers held stocks in Moderna, Johnson & Johnson or Pfizer in the early weeks of the pandemic

▪️15 lawmakers responsible for US defense policy actively invested in military contractors

▪️Some “environmentally-minded” Democrats are heavily invested in the fossil fuel industry

▪️Members who run down the media, were revealed to pour money into at least one of the US’ largest news media or social media companies

Swiss SUICIDE POD passes legal barrier – could start operations next year

A new 3D-printed mobile suicide capsule which performs euphanasia without the use of drugs has passed a legal review in Switzerland, and is set to begin operations in 2022.

The Sarco machine completes assisted suicide in 30 seconds by flooding the interior with nitrogen to reduce oxygen levels to just 1% and leaving users slightly euphoric before death with no panic or choking sensation.

Those intending to die press a button inside the capsule in their own time, and can undergo the process in any setting they choose.

PETA launches human leather ‘shop’ [VIDEO]

Animal rights group PETA is making waves with the introduction of “Urban Outraged,” a satirical online ‘store’ selling clothing and accessories made from human skin.

“Human skin is ‘in,” PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), wrote in its press release about the store. To protest clothing and materials made from animals, the group flipped the situation and instead presented images of hypothetical jackets and handbags derived from humans.

The items listed on the website are of course not for sale, but clicking on the site’s purchase button will take a user to even more displays of cruelty, showing slaughtered sheep and cows in gruesome fashion and asking, “Why aren’t you horrified by what’s already in your closet?”

Watch here:

Model accidentally shoots herself in vagina while filming X-rated clip…

Webcam model accidentally shoots herself in vagina while filming X-rated clip for fans

° The paramedic reportedly told police: “The female had shot herself in her vagina, accidentally.” Local resident Jordan Allen, said to be on the scene at the time, told authorities that he had owned the gun and had lent it to the model to use for work