Todays NON MSM News In Brief, AM – March 9

  • South Korea developing insect-inspired micro robots for reconnaissance.

Seoul is creating the micro robots to conduct cover recon missions in enemy territories, a state research agency said. (Yonhap)

The five-year project aims to enable ant or bee-shaped robots to operate in a group for security or other missions.

The agency said they will work with the Army and security forces to deploy the system at the right time.

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Video – Australia – More Police Violence On Display Outside Parliament…

Canberra: “You Serve Us” Rings Out as Hundreds of Protesters CLASH with Police Outside Parliament
Police deployed capsicum-spray and arrested three people trying to clear protesters outside the National Library in Canberra. Continue reading “Video – Australia – More Police Violence On Display Outside Parliament…”

Australia – Far Right Political Activist Skirmish At Channel 9 HQ [VIDEO]

Things turned violent after himself and another protester were forced to leave the building.

Thomas Sewell named by channel 9 as a ‘Neo Nazi’ has defended his actions claiming they were in self defence!

Channel 9 reported: “Security guard attacked by Neo-Nazi outside Channel 9 | 9 News Australia; A manhunt is underway for the Neo-Nazi who violently attacked a security guard outside Channel 9 and later defending white supremacy online.”


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