The WHO pandemic pact would leave the world at China’s CCP mercy..!

Lessons have still not been learned, so why should we trust the WHO in a future pandemic?
The European Union, true to form, pushed for a legally binding pandemic “treaty”, but that won’t happen for two reasons: the American Senate would need a two-thirds majority to ratify it; and the Chinese government would not allow even its pet international agency to tell it what to do. Continue reading “The WHO pandemic pact would leave the world at China’s CCP mercy..!”

Beijing to New York: Chinese firm promises to fly passengers in one hour..

Beijing Lingkong Tianxing Technology is developing “a winged rocket” for high-speed “point-to-point transportation.”
According to a presentation, the plane will take off vertically, detach itself from a glider wing with rocket boosters then land vertically on three deployable legs.
The company said booster tests are in the works for 2023 and a prototype of a crewed aircraft should be ready around 2030.
Would you trust Chinese quality?

NYT Sues US Govt for Hunter Biden Business Dealings

RT News: The New York Times is suing the State Department to obtain emails from Romanian embassy officials sent between 2015-2019 detailing Hunter’s business dealings there. (NY Post citing FOIA docs)

The Biden Admin has reportedly told the NYT the soonest it could turn over the information is April 2023 – well after the midterms.

The lawsuit follows a 2019 report the FBI subpoenaed JP Morgan for Hunter’s Chinese business dealings.

BlackRock and the Chinese Communist Party.

Consumers’ Research exposing the close connections between American money management company BlackRock and the Chinese Communist Party.

Yesterday, Consumers’ Research released a new TV ad highlighting the connections between U.S. money management giant BlackRock and the Chinese Communist Party. You can watch the ad at the end of this article.

The television ad begins a multi-million-dollar campaign and exposes the alleged ties between BlackRock and the Chinese government. This includes BlackRock’s investment of billions of American pension dollars into China’s economy, propping up its communist leaders, and funding companies the Chinese government uses to extend its control both at home and abroad. The ad also exposes BlackRock CEO Larry Fink for his betting on China and his role in taking American money.

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