Todays NON MSM News In Brief, AM – March 9

  • South Korea developing insect-inspired micro robots for reconnaissance.

Seoul is creating the micro robots to conduct cover recon missions in enemy territories, a state research agency said. (Yonhap)

The five-year project aims to enable ant or bee-shaped robots to operate in a group for security or other missions.

The agency said they will work with the Army and security forces to deploy the system at the right time.

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Moscow Best City in the World for Quality of Living and Infrastructure – UN

The United Nations Human Settlements Programme ha

RT News – The United Nations Human Settlements Programme has compiled a comprehensive rating of the world’s 50 biggest cities – finding the Russian capital to be one of the top metropolises in the world.
Moscow was given top grades in term of Infrastructure development and overall quality of life.
Alongside Toronto and Singapore, Moscow was also determined to be one of the three most prosperous cities in the entire world.

Ukraine’s National Bank Deputy Gov. Using Position to Launder Money

According to Russian Media – Propaganda?
First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ukraine Kateryna Rozhkova is being investigated under suspicions of money laundering and tax evasion. (New Europe)
Rozhkova has been accused of moving money out of the Central Bank through a number of unaffiliated individuals tied to Global Partners in the US for a total amount of $314 million.
It comes as many Western nations have pledged to plough potentially billions of dollars of aid into Ukraine.

Russia positions itself to supply the world with organic food…

Russia is poised to become the world’s largest supplier of organic foods, after taking a stand against genetically-engineered seeds last summer, saying that it has “chosen a different path.” The decision is based on healthy scepticism as Russia refuses to breeze over the fact that GMOs have not been proven safe for long-term consumption.(1)

The country voiced concerns about the effect GMOs and their associated pesticides have on the environment, which often cause irreversible damage to Earth’s valuable resources. Russia has set itself apart from other nations through its rejection of modified foods, proving they are not in fact required for humans to survive – as the biotech industry will have you believe.

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